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DNREC orders closure of Peninsula Compost facility in Wilmington

The Green: Where Delaware explores its common ground

A breath of fresh air is coming for residents around the Peninsula Compost facility in Wilmington. A few weeks back we had a story on the complaints about the odor emanating from that organic waste recycling facility that have been coming in not only from residents in the neighborhoods closest to it – but from residents miles away.

This week, DNREC announced it is declining to re-issue the facility’s five-year “Beneficial Use Determination” recycling permit, forcing it to shutdown. The company, which opened in 2009 with high hopes and promises it odor would not be an issue, will have to finish composting all remaining material by January and remove it by March 2015.

The facility is in State Rep. JJ Johnson’s district he and led the charge to get something done about it. He visited the Green to discuss the plant’s closure. (More)

Delaware Chief Justice launches committee to examine problem-solving courts, criminal justice committees

The Green: Where Delaware explores its common ground

The new Chief Justice of Delaware’s Supreme Court is looking to streamline some key parts to the First State’ s judicial system. Last week, Chief Justice Leo Strine announced the creation of a new committee to review the state’s problem solving courts to determine their effectiveness and need continue. The 15 person panel made of active state judges will also look at the state’s criminal justice committees to see if they need to be modified, consolidated or eliminated and how juvenile justice issues are handled in the state.

Delaware Public Media contributor Jeff Mordock visited The Green this week to explain what can be expected from this committee’s work. (More)

Wade battles Sen. Coons on foreign policy turf in US Senate race

The Green: Where Delaware explores its common ground

Candidates and their campaign staffers spend dozens, if not hundreds of hours tailoring their message and public face to earn check marks at the ballot box each election season. They pour over every minute detail, tweaking single words or phrases for stump speeches.

And as Delaware Public Media’s James Dawson reports, sometimes office seekers will even directly challenge what can arguably be an incumbent’s strongest area of expertise – a Republican Kevin Wade seems to be doing in this year’s US Senate race. (More)

Caesar Rodney School District middle school teacher wins state “Teacher of the year”

The Green: Where Delaware explores its common ground

The state named its 2015 teacher of the year earlier this week.

Megan Szabo, a 7th and 8th grade science teacher at Postlethwait Middle school in the Caesar Rodney school district was selected from the list of other finalists as the winner. A Delaware native, Szabo began teaching in 2003 and is now in her 10th year teaching at Postlethwait. She took time to chat with The Green after winning the award. (More)

Enlighten Me: Finding cool kids’ music at the Queen

The Green: Where Delaware explores its common ground

There’s only so many times a parent can endure hearing the Disney smash hit, “Let it Go.” If you’ve been tempted to hide your kid’s copy of the Frozen soundtrack, you may be surprised to learn there are plenty of alternatives for child friendly music that won’t drive parents crazy. Once the dreaded corner of the music store, the kids music aisle has gotten a lot hipper with acts that range from rock and roll to hip hop.

For this week’s Enlighten Me, Delaware Public Media’s Cathy Carter traveled to The Queen in Wilmington to meet one of the genre’s stars, along with some of his pint sized fans and the people who drive them at the venue’s popular Peanut Butter and Jams Kids Concert Series. (More)

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