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WDDE is the first and only public media news service founded in Delaware and dedicated to covering the unique issues, events, personalities, and culture of Delaware.WDDE presents high-quality statewide news in a rich combination of audio, video, and text, available on air at WDDE 91.1 FM and online at WDDE.org.

As an NPR member station, WDDE 91.1 FM features the best in national and international news programming from NPR and other high-quality sources as well as Delaware news from our own WDDE News staff headquartered in Dover.

WDDE-FM began broadcasting on August 17, 2012, from our studio and offices on the Delaware State University campus in Dover. We are proud to operate in a unique collaboration with Delaware State University and the University of Delaware.

At the WDDE.org home page you’ll find multimedia coverage of Delaware, including links to 24/7 live streaming audio coverage, archived stories from WDDE and its online predecessor, DFM News, and timely special events coverage from political debates to concerts.

WDDE is a Delaware media innovation that exists because of the help we receive from devoted supporters statewide. We are deeply grateful, and we’re counting on this enthusiasm to sustain WDDE and make it a permanent, vigorous institution producing the best-quality journalism in the public interest.

If you’re curious about our operations and how to support them, we hope you’ll explore the links below to learn more. Then please, stay connected and help us grow.

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WDDE is owned and operated by Delaware First Media Corporation, a 501(c)(3) organization. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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