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Gov. Markell nominates Bouchard to lead Chancery Court

Gov. Jack Markell has announced his choice to lead Delaware’s Court of Chancery, nominating Andre Bouchard to become its next Chancellor.

“I am proud to nominate him to lead the world’s most influential court for corporate law and I am confident that he will build on Delaware’s reputation for judicial excellence,” said Markell in a statement.

Bouchard was one of two candidates sent to Markell for consideration by state’s Judicial Nominating Commission last month. The other was David McBride. Both are Wilmington-based corporate lawyers.

Bouchard, in a statement, said he us “grateful and deeply honored” for the nomination.

“Having practiced in the Court of Chancery for the past 28 years, I have seen firsthand the quality of its judges and staff, and what makes this Court the preeminent forum in the United States for resolving corporate and commercial disputes. It is a privilege to be nominated to serve as Chancellor,” Bouchard’s statement read.

Markell cited Bouchard’s 30 years of experience, including his extensive background arguing cases in Chancery Court – as a factors in his choice.

“In nearly 30 years practicing law in Delaware, Andy Bouchard has demonstrated a remarkable ability to dissect complex legal issues and vigorously represent his clients. He is well recognized for his professionalism and ability to think quickly on his feet in the courtroom,” said Markell. “His experience establishing and growing his own small business as founder of his law firm, as well as his long career before the Court of Chancery, will give him a special appreciation for the work of the court and the many and varied litigants who would appear before him in his new role.”

Bouchard is the managing partner of Bouchard, Margules & Friedlander, a firm specializing in corporate law litigation that he and former Vice Chancellor Stephen Lamb founded in 1996.

He also served as the chair of the state’s Judicial Nominating Commission until resigning that post earlier this year.

If confirmed, Bouchard will replace Leo Strine, who was sworn in as Delaware’s new Supreme Court Chief Justice last month. Strine had been Chancellor since 2011.