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Widener Law prof. offers roadmap for same-sex couples to navigate legal issues

It’s only a matter of time before Delaware fully adopts same sex-marriage according to one Widener Law professor.

John Culhane’s new book, “The Same-Sex Legal Kit for Dummies,” debuted last week and helps translate Delaware’s laws regarding same-sex couples, along with laws in other states.

Culhane points to other states that embraced civil unions prior to passing a same-sex marriage law.

“One thing that happens, too, in states that have civil unions is that people see that giving same sex couples all the rights and benefits of marriage doesn’t cause anything apocalyptic to happen. It’s like a warm-up act, I think, for full marriage equality,” said Culhane.

He believes the Delaware General Assembly will approve a same-sex marriage law within the next few years.

Governor Jack Markell told the Huffington Post earlier this year he supports same-sex marriage. He signed the Civil Union and Equality Act in 2011.

Culhane and West Virginia lawyer Carrie Stone co-wrote “The Same-Sex Legal Kit for Dummies.” He says it offered him a chance to break out of his usual scholarly writing environment.

“I thought this would be a good chance to sort of get out there and be useful to people in terms of putting together their legal lives in a legal environment that’s not always very hospitable to same sex couples.”

Culhane hopes couples of all kinds can use his book as to better understand the legal privileges marriage and civil unions create for families.